80% of our yearly work comes from previously satisfied customers. Meaning we painted for them sometime in the past and they trust us to paint for them again. Even though we do estimates, many of our repeat customers not only trust us in our workmanship but also trust us in our price fairness and don't even ask us "How much ?". That's really humbling and a testimony to the trust we have earned and our value over other painting contractors.  

Mark Balicki Painting  


We are licensed by the State of Michigan under "Painting & Decorating" since March 1998, (Wisconsin does not require licensing for paint contractors)

We are insured and for your own peace of mind if you need to verify please call

the Miller Agency  906-774-0190 ​

We Do

We do our best on each job, yet nothing lasts forever, but to give someone the best job possible can make it look nice for much longer.

   I have always known that the longer lasting look for us has always meant our work and name being shared with others. It has been that kind of word of mouth advertising that has grown our business over ​the years.


    I am glad you stopped by in your shopping for a good painter at a good value. I have been in the trade of painting, staining and decorating for over 25 years. I worked for one of the largest millwork companies in central Wisconsin area for many years. There I worked in all the different phases of finishes with many different products and many different applications in the finishing of doors, trim, windows, cabinets and other wood products. It was at this same time I started painting for an investment company also where I was working on commercial and residential projects.  

  Upon moving to the Iron Mountain area I worked on the side for a local painting contractor while friends and family asked for my help with their painting needs. My work grew over the next few years, where it became a necessity to become licensed and insured which I did in 1998. My well establish business has not only serviced the customers of this area but has taken me as far as Chicago to be a part of working on multi-million dollar projects.


 I personal want to assure you that I am on each and every job doing the work. We will never take a job then put some kids, addicts or criminals on the job to do your work which is becoming a growing problem today in the service trades. 

   Hopefully, I can be of service to you.

   Sincerely, Mark Balicki